Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pacman Party - super fun Pacman video game

This party game stars Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and other Namco favorites from franchises such as Tekken, Ridge Racer, and Soul Calibur. Up to four players can partake in more than 30 minigames and three themed game boards. Try to recover all of the minigames stolen by those pesky, party-crashing ghosts and determine who the real party animal is. Pacman

Pac-Man Party If you're not a gamer you will quite possibly like this. The graphics are cute but not high top quality. The dialog leaves a bit to be desired and the sound effects and music are incredibly repetitive.

It's a board-game style with lots of mini-games worked into it. Wonderful for children and fun for adults that are willing to try some thing distinct. Incredibly uncomplicated rules = no confused frustrated googling for answers.

I haven't run into any bugs that truly have an effect on game play just a couple of lag spots but in no way during the minigames.

Overall a extremely enjoyable game maybe not $40 fun but close. Pacman Party

Pac-Man Party Really like it (and I have only played a few games of the original PacMan game). I suggest the vendor and the product. This particular game was selling for $10 much less at K-mart a week after I purchased at but I didn't know what to do to ask for a discount. The vendor shipped the item right away and I got it right for the holidays.
I only need to find out if I can use a far better manage system to move inside the screen. The WII original control is a bit challenging to handle for me.

Pac-Man Fever I believe this game was really cool! I enjoyed playing it! I liked it for the reason that you could play mini games with diverse settings! Plus it's definitely reasonably priced.

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